Buying Online in the Virtual Store - Step by Step

1 - To make a purchase in the store, click on the Virtual Store button, and choose the Product (Click on the Product Image).
2 - View the Product by zoom if you prefer and check the Price and Quantity you want to purchase.
3 - Click the Add to Cart button.
4 - Right side tab will open and show you the items you have selected and have in your shopping cart.
Click the View Cart button.
6 - After checking if everything is agreed click on the Finalize Purchase Button.
7 - On the next page, fill in your Address details to send the Product and click on the continue button.
8 - Fill in the Delivery Options (Standard Shipping - Mail) and click on the continue button.
9 - Choose the Payment Method, the Store Offers 4 Types of Payments: MercadoPago, Pagseguro, Boleto and Manual Payment (Bank Deposit).
10 - After this, just follow the instructions of the chosen payment type and make the purchase.

Security in Purchase

The Virtual Store was built in a way where customer safety is of utmost importance. In order to facilitate the purchases were inserted the methods of payment, freight calculation, among other items. You can make the purchase and also cancel it at any time before it is finalized. The Products conform to the photos that can be viewed on the site. The method of send is through the post office and the freight can be calculated after completing the data of sending the Product. We ensure that after payment has been made the Product will be shipped correctly to the customer's location.

What is Treasure Hunt?

They are carts that are produced in less quantity and are more difficult to find, which is why they are more expensive and also much sought after by collectors.

Doubts or Suggestions

If you want to contact me to send a question or suggest something, feel free to contact me. On the store's own site there is the Contact button, or if you prefer, send a message to

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